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Couscous Friday

Alms of Africa - Hot Food For The Hungry

On March 11th, 2020, the World Health Organization declared Covid-19 a pandemic.  A year later Riad Africa in Morocco's Marrakech Medina remained empty, with no guests since a day after the pandemic started. Riad Africa closed during the initial Moroccan lockdown then re-opened 6 months later. We waited patiently for the restart of tourism to Marrakech, with a kitchen and cooking school unutilised. Friday 12th March 2021 seemed an ideal 'anniversary' date to start a charity project to help the ever-growing number of desperately poor people in Marrakech medina and beyond. So, joining forces, Riad Africa and the Marrakech Cooking School launched ‘Alms of Africa’, charitable food distribution for poverty-stricken people in Marrakech. As our launch day was a Friday, couscous with chicken and seven vegetables was the obvious dish of the day. 

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